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Baling residents have begun evacuating to temporary relief centres the moment it starts raining continuously as anxiety remains high following the July 4 water surge incident there. – Facebook pic, July 29, 2022.

THE traumatic experience of the water surge incident last July 4 made most of the residents in several villages in Kupang, Baling, to choose to stay in temporary relief centres even though the flood situation has improved. 

Khasima Kassim, 40, from Kg Padang Empang said she and her family were still worried about returning home as the weather is still cloudy. 

“We were all traumatised by the recent water surge incident, we get anxious whenever it starts raining here. We will quickly leave our house because we are worried the incident will recur,” she said when met at the village today. 

Khasima is among the 53 flood victims who are still sheltering at the relief centre after their homes were inundated by floods following a three-hour downpour yesterday.


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The petty trader said she hopes the government can solve the flood problem in the area as soon as possible. 

Another resident, Mohd Dahry Abdul Latef, 64, said he and his wife will never forget the July 4 incident and would always be cautious in facing uncertain weather conditions.

“For now, my wife and I choose to remain at the temporary relief centre. We will only return home when the weather improves and the water level at Sungai Kupang drops (below danger level),” he said.

Meanwhile, Kg Iboi Village Development and Security Committee chairman Abu Hasan Samah advised residents who live near the river or in low-lying areas to remain alert and be ready to evacuate if water starts entering their houses. – Bernama, July 29, 2022.

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